Under the pseudonym of James Fenix, this 27-year-old Colombian-American aspiring author describes himself as a legion of people and stories. Painting worlds on paper with prose, Mr. Fenix breaks your reality with words. As a young boy growing up in Colombia, Fenix sought refuge in worlds unlocked only with the ball of the pen. It wasn’t until he moved to Miami, Florida, that he realized his passion lied in drawing wanderers into unforgettable seas, and breath-taking landscapes. With every stroke of the pen, Fenix guides you into fantastical worlds that, while fictitious, bring you into a reality beyond quotidian horizons. Every tale reflects the lives of countless figures, all eager to make your acquaintance. Influenced by literary figures like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allan Poe, J.K. Rowling, Jacob, and Wilhelm Grimm, among many others. Fenix uses elements of the obscure, and the surreal to leave you wandering in a haze… even after putting down the text. In a world of storytellers, he stands out by using references from various cultures, seamlessly integrating these into a surreal tableau just waiting for you.

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